Will Anyone Know?

The kit is private and confidential.
It is mailed to your home in a plain brown envelope.
It is returned to our laboratory in a white cardboard envelope.

IWTK will not be contacting your sex partner(s).
If you are under 18, IWTK will not be contacting your parent(s).
No one will know you took a test unless you personally tell them.

Our laboratory staff have all signed confidentiality/HIPAA privacy certificates.
Our website is on a Johns Hopkins HIPAA compliant server - your information is secure.
Your results can only be seen by logging into the website with the username and password that you created.

If you are infected with an STI, your partner must know to get treated or you may become infected again.

Maryland and Washington DC residents:  If you are positive for (infected with) chlamydia or gonorrhea, our laboratory is required by law to confidentially report your name to the Baltimore City Health Department, which reports to the Maryland Department of Health. The information we report helps the Health Department monitor disease trends.

ALASKA residents:  Positive chlamydia and gonorrhea results must be reported to the State of Alaska Department of Public Health as required by law. This does not mean that your partners will be notified or that anyone in your community will know. This is simply to collect the number of positives in the state of Alaska.